Milking Your Content for Over the Moon Results

Content Marketing

Holy Cow! As it turns out, cows make excellent content strategists. Their results are over the moon!

When it comes to content, you’ve got to make it count. Studies prove that you grab your reader’s attention (or not) within the first sentence, maybe two. You’re going to need to get creative, quick!

Why enlist your marketing cows? Well, as you may have “herd”, adding a little pun and humor to your content engages readers. Engaged readers stand a good chance of becoming customers and…that’s no bull.

Here’s what we can learn from cows when it comes to content:

1.      Cows have regional accents. Cows know it’s important to speak the same language. Set your tone and dialect to reach your readers. If you are writing to lawyers, speak the legal language they do. If you are writing about the law to the public, don’t use legal jargon. If your readers are well educated, use a broad vocabulary. If not, don’t. Know your audience and talk as they do.

2.      The gas one cow lets out on any given day can fill up 30 balloons. Adding fun-filled, interesting facts to your content gets your point across in a creative way.  When you present boring information, you are just letting out hot air. Make your content fun. Fill their imaginations.

3.      Cows are social animals. People need people and according to farmers, cows need cows. It’s important to hang out in the pasture with your readers. Find out their interests and chew the cud with them. A good marketing strategy is that at least 10% of your content be unrelated to your brand, used just for socialization.

4.      No two cows have the same spots. Be different. Don’t copy the content of others. If everyone else is saddled up on their horse, all the more reason to use a cow. Originality is easy to spot!

5.      Cows…fly over the moon. Though, as the nursery rhyme goes, the little boy laughed to see such a sight, the other cows must have stood in awe. “How’d he do that?” they all wondered. In a world of grazing marketers, be the one that jumps over the moon. Take risks and stick your neck out. Why put out boring content that no one wants to read? Liven it up and get your business “moo-ving” in the right direction…upward.

There are herds of reasons to use a cow for your content marketing. Your cow can be a cartoon character, a superhero, a celebrity or even a horse, and in this case, a cow is simply a symbolism of being creative and thinking outside the fence. Hay, it works! The results are utterly fantastic.

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