List of synonyms you can effectively use in a sentence


Are you looking for a list of synonyms to rank higher on SERPs?

Google hates low-quality content or content stuffed with too many keywords. Let your article read naturally and rank better in search engines with these synonyms or “similar keywords”.

Synonyms or similar words you can include in your writing

Cold synonyms

CoolRimedLow temperature
UnheatedIcedOne-dog night

Hate synonyms

DetestAversionHard feelings
HatredIll will
RevulsionAntipathyBe disinclined

Cute synonyms


Dirty synonyms


Pretty synonyms

EnticingGlamorousEasy on the eyes

low competition keywords list

100 Very Low Competition Keywords You Can Rank For Immediately

Content Marketing
low competition keywords list

Looking for a list of low competition keywords you can use to write content and increase traffic to your blog? Did you know that people are searching “how to build a gaming laptop“? There are some who are asking “can dogs eat baby food” and there are others who are asking “can cats eat dog food“. Then there are confused men who are looking for “gifts for women who want nothing” and there are angry women looking to buy gifts for the impossible man“🤣.

Here’s a free list of low competition keywords that can help you answer the user intent and boost your blog traffic immediately. This keyword list contains gardening keywords, vegetable garden keywords, diaper rash keywords, parenting keywords, gaming laptop keywords, fertilizer keywords, gardening keywords, gifts keywords, dog food keywords, birds keywords, organic keywords, and recipes keywords.

free low competition keywords list

I used Ahrefs for the keyword research. You can use other SEO tools like Semrsuh for your keyword research.

Low competition keywords list of 2021

KeywordSearch Volume
diaper rash cream for adults600
teething diaper rash600
best natural diaper rash cream250
cornstarch for diaper rash600
pictures of severe diaper rash350
parenting memes2.9K
indiana parenting time guidelines7.8K
bad parenting2.7K
gentle parenting2K
parenting plan template800
which parenting style is most encouraged in modern america?800
nurturing parenting700
gardening kit900
kids gardening kit700
gardening gifts for mom700
best gardening books600
gardening tools names500
vertical vegetable garden2K
winter vegetable garden1K
how often to water vegetable garden1K
best insecticide for vegetable garden800
summer vegetable garden500
vegetable garden starter kit250
fish fertilizer6.8K
alaska fish fertilizer5.1K
organic lawn fertilizer4.7K
slow release fertilizer4.3K
citrus fertilizer4.2K
fish emulsion fertilizer2.6K
water soluble fertilizer1.8K
stage 3 baby food2.2K
frozen baby food2.2K
sweet potato baby food1.3K
baby food processor1.3K
butternut squash baby food1.2K
can dogs eat baby food900
banana baby food700
instant pot baby food450
baby food for dogs600
baby food jar crafts400
organic food for kids100
organic remedies16K
organic potting soil5.6K
organic alternatives4.6K
organic pads3.7K
organic sugar3.0K
grow organic2.6K
organic diapers2.1K
best organic coffee1.7K
organic rice1.5K
why does organic milk last longer1.4K
organic cat food2K
gaming keypad13K
gaming earbuds11K
gaming accessories8.4K
most expensive gaming pc5.9K
diy gaming desk2.6K
best gaming set under 502.6K
best gaming laptop under 8001.9K
best gaming laptop under 15002.2K
can cats eat dog food9.7K
best dog food for german shepherds2.1K
best dog food for golden retrievers1.9K
low carb dog food2.0K
skin whitening pills700
postnatal vitamins4.4K
teen vitamins800
5 minute crafts girly1.0K
decorative crafts900
crafts to do when your bored800
back to school crafts800
unicorn crafts1.5K
food coma8.6K
vegan food6.1K
food memes5.9K
how do birds mate8.4K
how long do birds live4.6K
are birds animals4.3K
travel trivia1.4K
best travel guitar900
how to get acrylic paint out of clothes7.4K
how to shrink clothes4.4K
baptism gifts5.3K
sentimental gifts4.6K
gifts for the woman who wants nothing3.7K
gifts for the impossible man3.0K
gifts for musicians2.8K
daughter in law gifts2.2K
gifts for aunts2.1K
yoga gifts2.1K
gifts for 18 year old boys1.8K
dog dad gifts1.7K
healthy dinner recipes25K
smoked pork belly recipes4.1K
summer chicken recipes2.8K
chestnut recipes2.4K
sweet breakfast recipes2.3K
gooseberry recipes2.0K
herbalife shake recipes2.6K
birthday dinner ideas4.6K
low competition keywords list of 2021

Need a writer for your blog? Hire Me!

10 Best Writing Services for New Freelance Writers

Content Marketing

Freelance writing is not limited to blog posts and articles. There are plenty of other writing services that new freelance writers can offer.

With businesses moving onto online platforms now more than ever, there’s a rising need for writers to create great copy for brands to be visible to their potential customers. Companies are trying to catch their audience’s attention through landing pages, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, and so on.

Not all businesses have the time or the skills to produce quality, well-written content, and so they are turning to freelance writers.

This is a great opportunity for writers, especially those who are just getting started!

Earn income with these 10 freelance writing services

1.      Writing Social Media Posts

If you are a person who loves social media, then you might be surprised to know that there are freelance writers who get paid for creating content that you see on social media.

These days, everywhere we look, we see articles, advertisements, and posts on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Companies are trying hard to connect with online audiences and are spending a lot of money to run online ads to get people to their product pages.

To get customer’s attention, businesses and clients are ready to pay writers to craft compelling copies. Copy that makes a customer click and establish a relationship between business and user.

If you like writing ads on Facebook or creating short and engaging content using images and videos, go ahead and add social media posts to your freelance writing services.

Here’s an example of writing for social media for Amrapali Jewels.

When you gain more experience in social media content management, you can add social media manager to your list of freelance services.

2.      Crafting Product Descriptions

Businesses list thousands of products on their website, and it’s not often easy for them to write short and engaging copies for each product.

Product descriptions involve highlighting the main product features in only a short piece of content. Some products are self-explanatory and you do not have to go into too many details. For example, a simple plain T-shirt is obvious, and in this case, you need to talk about the fabric and fit. Read to know how to write fashion product descriptions.

But some products are vague and you need to explain to the potential customers understand everything about the product and help them make a decision.

Writing product descriptions is a great way to earn a quick income. I was hired by some eCommerce vendors to write product descriptions for brands like Max Fashion, Raymond, The Luxury Closet, Health & Glow, and many more.

I enjoyed writing descriptions for Sunshine Boulevard using a fun, light-hearted tone of voice.

Image credit via Sunshine Boulevard

3.      Online Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are not exactly the same. Proofreading mainly focuses on spellcheck and grammatical errors and perfecting already good writing. While editors rephrase sentences, improve readability, and enhance the overall tone of the text.

When you are searching for online editing jobs or online proofreading jobs, it is important for you to know the difference. Proofreading costs clients a little less compared to editing, as a lot of heavy lifting goes into doing an editing job.

You can choose to edit or proofread a wide variety of content—articles, eBooks, novels, web content, white papers, short stories, and so on.

To become a proofreader or an editor, you must have excellent spelling and grammar skills, and good command of the language.

There are no fixed rates in the freelance writing business. It all depends on your experience and talent. You can charge per word, per page, per project, or an hourly rate.

4.      Ghostwriting

A ghostwriter writes content and does not take credit for it. Many business owners do not have the skill or time to write their own content, and so they hire ghostwriters to do the job.

Since you cannot take credit for the work you do, you must be wondering how you can build your freelance writing portfolio. But for this very reason, ghostwriters are paid higher rates.

The good thing about being a ghostwriter is that you will be spending a lot less time on research as all the information and material you need to write is already provided by the client.

But to become a ghostwriter, you will need to become a freelance writer first. Build your credibility by offering writing services and let clients see the value of your work.

You can ghostwrite almost anything—articles, novels, children’s books, eBooks, and more!

5.      Guest Posting

Many businesses with blogs are driving traffic to their websites by regularly posting informative, engaging content.

You must be wondering, what does guest posting mean? Guest posting means publishing your article on someone else’s website.

Clients usually pay you a fee for your article. And if your article impresses them, they might even strike a deal with you for long-term work.

There are different types of guest posts you can write, like, how-to guides, case studies, listicles, and in-depth product reviews.

When you guest post on popular blogs and websites in your writing niche, new readers will get introduced to your writing driving traffic to your own website.

Learn more about guest blogging here.

6.      Online Transcription Jobs

A transcription job is one of the best ways to make money while staying at home. All you need to do is hear the conversation or speech of an audio or video recording and write it word-for-word.

Transcribing is not limited to the medical field anymore. With the internet taking over the world, a lot of information is being shared online, and many industries are seeking transcription services to document data.

When you are selected for an online transcription job, the client will share an audio or video file with you, and you will have to listen to it and type out everything you hear all the while making sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

To get started as a transcriptionist, all you need is a laptop, a high-speed internet connection, and headphones.

7.      Resumes and Cover Letters

Outstanding resumes and cover letters are the need of the hour. With so many applying to only a few jobs, candidates are struggling to get noticed by employers.

Not all job seekers have good writing skills, and a poorly-written resume can cost them their dream job.

That’s where the freelance writers come in. Put your writing skills to use by updating or overhauling their resumes, creating cover letters, and writing their personal bios and Linked profiles.

Your role as a freelance writer should be to write resumes in ways that can influence the job interview in your client’s favor.

Yes, if you are passionate about writing, there are all kinds of jobs for you to find online.

8.      Cold Email Outreach

Every business’s ultimate goal is to make a person buy their product or service.

Many clients are hiring writers to create cold emails to send to prospective customers to expand their business.

Writing a cold email takes some skill. You need to keep the content short and clear since people don’t really spend a lot of time reading emails.

As a beginner writer, you might enjoy stepping into the shoes of customers to understand their needs and writing content that captivates them.

If you are still not sure what cold emailing is, check out your inbox/spam folder, and when you see all those outreach emails from marketers, you will know what I’m talking about.

So, do you think you can do this? Add email outreach to your list of writing services.

9.      eBooks

Do you read eBooks?

Are you thinking of writing one?

eBooks are a great way for businesses to maximize lead generation and strengthen brand credibility.

Many businesses are paying freelance writers to create some awesome content and are giving these eBooks away for free to their potential customers, helping them get familiar with their brand and its content.

eBooks require deep research skills and knowledge of the topic you are writing.

To write an eBook, you need to first create an outline

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Chapter titles
  • Body copy
  • Conclusion

You can also write your own eBooks and self-publish them on Amazon. This will help you create a strong writing portfolio.

black tablet computer behind books
Photo by Perfecto Capucine on

10.      Slides and Presentations

Did you know that you can make money by creating slides and presentations for clients?

If you are an expert at Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create presentations for businesses to use.

People in the business are always on the move and do not have the time to create PowerPoint presentations. Whether it is to land a client or discuss sales or growth projections, they need slides.

Even if you are not good at Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, there are plenty of tutorials available online for you to learn.

Find out your client’s style, get all the information you need to work with, and add some cool text, images, videos, and all the features to make an awesome presentation!

Get Writing

So, these are the 10 writing services you can offer as a new freelance writer. Choose a service you like the most, create some sample pieces, find clients online, and get started!

If you think there are more to add to the list, let me know!

How to Write Winning Fashion Product Descriptions (With Examples)

Content Marketing

There are so many tees on the market. Why should a customer buy your tee? Do you have an answer? Put that into words and tell your customer why. If you don’t, someone else will, and your product may remain in the inventory.

With so many platforms to stay connected with customers, fashion retailers are now focusing on converting clicks to sales. Fashion retail listings now have to be both attractive and interesting, with an emphasis on the unique product benefits. And, that’s where copywriting for fashion comes into play. A well-described piece of clothing sells better than that which has nothing to say.

Often retailers neglect to write high-quality fashion descriptions, and the reasons for this are plenty—large inventory, low budget, time constraints, and so on. While the rest focus on harnessing search engines rather than putting customers at the center of their business.

Putting search engine rankings aside, your fashion copywriting needs to convey the value of your product to the customer.

So how can you write the best fashion product descriptions that sell? Follow these few simple rules.

1. Nothing is too plain

Always keep in mind that every product has a story to tell. You as a writer have the power to make a simple product sound interesting.

Let’s take the T-shirt image below as an example. It’s a solid, plain, round-neck tee with short sleeves. What can I say or what’s there to write about it other than what the product title already suggests, you may ask. Take a look at it and write down all the ideas that come to mind. You could talk about how it’s great for casual styling, lends an offbeat look, or how it’s ideal for lounging at home on a day off with friends. You can highlight a product feature such as pure cotton or you can talk about its comfortable short sleeves. Let loose the fashion copywriter within you.

Image via Myntra

2. Know your ideal buyer

You’re in the fashion business and you want to address all the shoppers. Don’t do that. When you generalize your shoppers, you end up talking to no one. Think of your ideal customer and talk directly to them. If you are selling formalwear, you may want to address an established businessman with a disposable income rather than a college student who may not have the need for it. Throw in words like the ones below to appeal to their aspirations.

But if you are writing for casual clothes or streetwear, you may use:

3. Avoid jargon

You may be well aware of the terms thrown around in the fashion industry, but the average customer may not relate to them as you do. So, keep the language simple and use easy-to-understand adjectives like timeless, beautiful, gorgeous, eye-catching, edgy, elegant, fabulous, modern, minimal, traditional, and so on. These words help you write a compelling product description that will help your potential buyer understand what you’re talking about.

4. Understand your products

Yes, study and really understand the product details. Make sure you know the type of material and how it feels. Learn to recognize the various styles of dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, and blouses and their design features. Did you know there are more than 100 different dress types? Here are at least 40 types of dresses that you should know to write better product descriptions.

Anatomy of a Shirt

Image via Researchgate

5. Focus on the benefits

Listing out the technical aspects of a product can help aid a customer‘s decision, but this alone is not going to drive up sales. Tell the customers what’s in it for them if they buy your product. They want to envision how the clothing will make them look or how comfortable it’ll make them feel. This fashion product copy from Modcloth does just that.

Image via Modcloth

6. Let the customer decide

Particularly when writing for luxury clothing, always exercise restraint. Don’t be overly descriptive. Let the fabric quality and craftsmanship do the talking. In this product description, MR PORTER does an excellent job of letting the potential customer judge the value of the product.

Image via MRPORTER

7. Be mobile-friendly

With most of the population shopping from their mobile phones and other digital devices, it is important to keep your product description writing short, crisp, and straight to the point. Avoid writing lengthy fashion product descriptions. Make sure the product title is catchy and the product description persuades and entices in as few words as possible.

8. Keep the length consistent

If you own an eCommerce store, maintain the length of your fashion product descriptions for all the products. It’s not visually appealing to see one product with a long product description and then another with barely 2-3 sentences. Decide how long your descriptions should be and keep them the same throughout using the brand voice. Taking a uniform approach will provide a good customer experience and project a sense of confidence in the fashion brand.

9. Be their personal shopper

Spark your shopper’s imagination by giving them styling advice. Tell them what to wear with the garment and how to style it—paint a picture with words. This will entice your ideal customer to actually make a purchase.

Net-a-Porter does an awesome job of acting as a personal shopper by offering their own styling advice. Their product description reads, “Style it with flat sandals and gold jewelry,” which helps customers better visualize the look.

Image via Net-a-Porter

10. Optimize for search engines

Use the right keywords to ensure every product appears at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). No one can buy your fashion products if they cannot find them. But make sure your product description does not get repetitive. And stay away from spam fashion product descriptions because Google is too smart for that. Copying can eventually hurt your ranking and your brand value. Use Google Analytics to understand your product page in detail.

Before you publish, make sure you proofread each product description. Use the help of popular grammar software checkers such as Grammarly and Hemingway. This Writer’s Cookbook article can help you decide which software is best for you.

As a fashion retailer, remember to take time and care with your fashion product descriptions. With so much competition, your product copy can make or break the deal. Use power words and sensory words to accurately describe product information, highlight the product feature, and use a long-tail keyword to write a great product description. The right wording, story, and emotion can convince the potential buyer your clothing is a must-have.

How I Recharged my Mind to Improve my Writing

Content Marketing

My friends are often surprised when they see me out on weekends, or even find me cozying up with a mystery novel in a nook of a café on a Tuesday afternoon. “Where do you find all the time?” they complain as they switch between client calls and struggle to meet deadlines.

Work is important: it brings food to the table and makes life comfortable. But it is much more important to spend time with yourself and do things you love to live a quality life. Meet your friend over a coffee and have a heartfelt conversation, catch up on your reading, and cherish little moments with your loved ones. The rest can wait.

There was a time in my career when I worked 18 hours a day, spending hours on research, writing, proofreading, revising, rushing through assignments, and barely getting any rest. It was fine at the beginning because I took this as a fair trade-off for growing my client list, acquiring new skills, and making a little extra money.

But after a while, I began to notice a drop in my creativity. I was slow in my submissions; I felt lethargic and just couldn’t focus. I slept very little. I took on too much that I couldn’t keep up with. I struggled to write engaging slogans and copy for brands that I personally loved, and that’s when I knew I had overworked myself. 

I convinced my clients that I needed to take a break and refresh my mind; I finally took a badly needed vacation. I went to Wayanad in Kerala, India to attend a friend’s wedding. I don’t know if it was the cool air that came from the serene hills or coming into close contact with nature or just simply taking time off to laugh with friends and not think about work—whatever it was, it worked! I felt rejuvenated. 

After returning from one good week spent in the lush landscapes of Wayanad, I resumed my work and to my surprise, I wrote some of the best copies in my career. My clients were pleased with what I wrote, and I met all my deadlines, every single one of them. That’s when I had realized how important it was to just take a break, relax, and laugh, and live a little. A well-oiled machine runs well, not one that is overworked and neglected. 

Please note that staring blankly into space or chewing on a pen cap like you haven’t eaten a meal in days do not count as “taking a break”. Although it works for some, I believe a break should actually refresh you and re-energize you.

I now try not to overwhelm myself with too many projects and aim to take up work that interests me. I make to-do lists, avoid multitasking, and do my best to get more done in less time.

If you are anything like I was, I would suggest you follow these simple rules I have since adopted.

  1. Choose work that you most enjoy â€“ There’ll always be projects that do not interest us in any way. When you stumble upon them, just say “no”. You will feel more fulfilled and productive when you actually do work that you love.
  2. Prioritize your assignments â€“ Yes, every assignment has a tight deadline and we hurry to meet. But do not overwhelm yourself with a bulky to-do list. Pick 2-3 most important tasks for the day and focus solely on completing them. 
  3. Communicate with your client regularly â€“ Make sure you ask your clients the right questions from the outset, clarifying any doubts to avoid having to make multiple revisions. When writing, always take your clients’ specifications on board because, in the end, their satisfaction will determine your future contracts and paycheck.
  4. Do not multitask â€“ Never, ever multitask. Working on two or more assignments simultaneously is not advisable if you want your writing to be high-quality. You would think you’re being productive, but when your client points out all the errors and asks you to rework, you will be in a lot of pain. Trust me. I once multitasked three assignments and the results were pretty bad.  
  5. Relieve stress â€“ Do whatever you can to relax and bust your stress and anxiety. I, for example, ask my husband to tell me a joke, knowing that he’s terrible at it. As expected, he tells such bad jokes that I actually end up laughing hard. It instantly clears my mind! But hey, do whatever works for you.

As freelance writers, we get so wrapped up in making every second count. But doing so only decreases creativity, lowers quality, and is not sustainable in the long run. Take good breaks in between projects, so you are refreshed to work on the next task. And when you do not have enough tasks on hand, I would suggest you read articles, brush your grammar, see what’s trending, pick up a skill, or simply read your favorite book.

How I Found My First Freelance Writing Client

Content Marketing

Gaining writing experience

My first full-time job after graduating was a writing position at Myntra. My job was to write one-line product descriptions for each clothing range, and that’s really all there was to it.

Day in and day out, I listed out the types of necklines and dress shapes, determined fabric and sleeve length, and categorised various types of heels.

I’d reached a point where every time I met someone new, I’d start to wonder how round his T-shirt neckline was or how distressed his jeans were or how much flare her dress had. I found myself constantly pondering, is she wearing a top or a blouse?

Becoming a freelancer

I left that job. I bid goodbye to everyone at the office and jumped up and clicked my kitten heels together (making a very soft noise) and walked out of the door.

But the problem was, I didn’t know where to go from there. I did not have a degree in fashion nor was I a fashionista obsessed with every style and microtrend. I briefly contemplated going into advertising, but I’d heard stories of endless agency hours and stressful work culture and decided against it.

I tried reaching out to people for career advice. Everyone I knew from college was now into product management, supply chain, or software business. No one knew how to guide me. I had a pretty niche CV. My experience was limited to product descriptions. If all I did was string a couple of attributes together, how could I call myself a fashion writer? I was confused about what path to take.

Getting my first freelance client

A couple of months passed by while I tried to figure out what I actually wanted to do, where my interests lie, and overall wondering what the future had in store for me.

One night, I sat down at my computer, not to work, but to sell a red and black striped bean bag that was occupying an already cramped room. I wrote an engaging copy describing my bean bag and how owning it could transform one’s life (though it had done nothing for me yet).

I opened OLX to post the ad, and that’s when an existing ad caught my eye.

“Freelance Fashion Description Writer Wanted”

Really? On OLX?

I immediately called the number listed in the ad. When the employer found out I worked with Myntra, the fashion eCommerce giant, I was hired.

Yup, I found my first client on OLX, an online marketplace where you buy and sell local goods.

Strange, isn’t it? Every time I tell the story to someone, they laugh. “OLX, how in the world did that happen?” they would say.

P.S. I sold my bean bag to a nice young woman who had just moved into the city in search of a job. I really hope things went well for her.

And from there, my journey as a freelance writer had begun.

Growing my client list

Work was demanding, with tight deadlines and very little money. I spent endless hours churning out hundreds of 3-liner product descriptions, which soon became 100-word descriptions. My client worked with several different vendors and assigned regular work to me. I remember one particular time I was given a job-lot of 200 products to describe; that turned into an all-nighter.

I was completely exhausted, but I found myself secretly liking what I was doing. Managed to never missed a deadline. And consistently produced quality content.

To my surprise, my first client brought in more business than I’d expected. He was active in the fashion market with a well-established network of contacts.

And so, the word got around. New clients started to approach me with work in other areas outside of fashion. I started writing articles related to education, IT, and healthcare.

When I had no projects on the go, I networked. I reached out to other writers and content agencies to check if they needed a helping hand. Some replied and some didn’t. But those who responded have stayed with me to this day and still reach out whenever they have assignments that demand quality writing.

It is strange how our lives can take a massive turn. A job that I did not expect to lead anywhere kickstarted my freelance career and passion for writing.

Today, I write content for many major brands in the market, from website copy to short stories. There is no easy way to success. No career can be built overnight, especially not a freelance career. Wherever you’re starting from, it takes a lot of determination and will-power to keep going when success feels far away. I’ve realised that hard work and commitment do eventually pay off.

“How Manuka Honey Saved My Wedding Day from Acne Breakout”


I’d just reached my fabulous thirties. Things were only going to get better, right? Well, just as I was starting to get my life together, things got a bit more complicated due to my underactive thyroid gland and over-active hormones. Yup, you guessed it―cystic acne had attacked my jawline. And the worst part or the best part―I couldn’t tell then―I got engaged. With my wedding only two months away, and with very little time for makeup trials, my excitement was mixed with dread.

I, like all brides, wanted nothing more than to look my best for the big day. Yes, I wanted my acne-ridden skin to glow! I needed a solution for acne fast. But how?

Everyone I spoke to thought they had an answer. A lot of people suggested tried-and-tested-but-failed-miserably methods from laser therapies to home-made remedies. Nothing would get me the results that I needed within a short period, and with the wedding rapidly approaching, I started to panic.

And that’s when I made my discovery.

After a relaxed visit to the Hot Water Beach in Coromandel with my fiancé, we stopped on the way back at Mossop’s Honey; a beautiful retail store and beekeeper on the Tauranga highway selling natural skincare products.

I immediately fell in love with all those gorgeous-looking remedies on neatly stacked shelves, and I tried hard not to let the desperation of finding a cure show on my face. The petite lady who ran the shop asked me what I was looking for. A miracle, I told her.

She spoke two words: Manuka Honey.

And that tasted sweet to my ears.

Let me tell you a little bit about the best kept secret to get rid of acne. 

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is extracted from the bees that feed on the manuka plant, which is found in New Zealand. It is loaded with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is used to treat wounds and skin infections.

How is it different from regular honey?

Regular honey may be good for a sore throat or taste yummy on pancakes, but Manuka honey has a whole host of other sweet properties. It kills acne-causing bacteria on your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. 

Each bottle is tested and given a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating based on its antibacterial activity. The higher the UMF rating, the greater the antibacterial effects―just like the SPF number you see on sunscreens. If you have severe acne, go for a higher UMF.

Unfortunately, that day they did not have a bottle in store with a higher UMF, so I settled for UMF +10, which the lovely lady assured me would be more than enough to treat my acne.

After taking notes from her on how to apply the manuka honey mask, I said goodbye filled with newfound hope (and honey ice-cream).

Here’s how you use the Manuka honey face mask

Step 1 – Wash your face thoroughly with a mild face wash, and gently pat the skin dry with a clean, soft towel.

Step 2 – Take a dollop of honey and use your fingers to apply it all over the face and jawline (focusing more on the problem area).

Step 3 – Leave it to do its magic for a good 20 minutes.

Step 4 – Rinse it off with a splash of warm water.

Step 5 – Take a couple of ice cubes and run them all over your face and jawline for a couple of minutes. This helps shrink the open pores and reduce swelling.

Step 6 – Pat your skin dry and avoid using any night creams so your skin gets a chance to breathe.

If you have dry skin, you may want to add a little bit of yoghurt to the mask. If you are not a mask person, you can use it as a spot treatment or facial cleanser.

How it transformed my at-home skin care

I applied the mask every night and washed it off before I went to bed. Along with using the Manuka honey for acne treatment, I also focused on my gut health. I drank more water, went for long walks, ate fresh fruits, and stayed away from oily and greasy junk.

Days became weeks, and the wedding day was on the horizon.

I’ll be honest and tell you that 80% of my skin was clearer in less than two months! The acne scars on my cheeks had also faded significantly. The wedding was magical; I was a happy bride and my husband was even happier at sanity being restored.

Though my diet has slipped slightly (a little too much fried foods and sugar), I’ve continued to use Manuka honey on my face to work on the remaining 20% of my acne. It’s stubborn, but it’s starting to give in.

My two cents dipped in sweet nectar

As women, we have many battles to fight, and taking care of our skin is one of the hardest. No amount of serums, lotions, or peels will rescue us from the endless nuisance of overactive hormones reaping havoc in our bodies. We have to deal with them from within. Stay away from processed foods, eat healthily, and get some good night’s sleep.

To get rid of acne and acne scars, I’d say this is the best natural skincare treatment I’ve found―and with miraculous timing.

Milking Your Content for Over the Moon Results

Content Marketing

Holy Cow! As it turns out, cows make excellent content strategists. Their results are over the moon!

When it comes to content, you’ve got to make it count. Studies prove that you grab your reader’s attention (or not) within the first sentence, maybe two. You’re going to need to get creative, quick!

Why enlist your marketing cows? Well, as you may have “herd”, adding a little pun and humor to your content engages readers. Engaged readers stand a good chance of becoming customers and…that’s no bull.

Here’s what we can learn from cows when it comes to content:

1.      Cows have regional accents. Cows know it’s important to speak the same language. Set your tone and dialect to reach your readers. If you are writing to lawyers, speak the legal language they do. If you are writing about the law to the public, don’t use legal jargon. If your readers are well educated, use a broad vocabulary. If not, don’t. Know your audience and talk as they do.

2.      The gas one cow lets out on any given day can fill up 30 balloons. Adding fun-filled, interesting facts to your content gets your point across in a creative way.  When you present boring information, you are just letting out hot air. Make your content fun. Fill their imaginations.

3.      Cows are social animals. People need people and according to farmers, cows need cows. It’s important to hang out in the pasture with your readers. Find out their interests and chew the cud with them. A good marketing strategy is that at least 10% of your content be unrelated to your brand, used just for socialization.

4.      No two cows have the same spots. Be different. Don’t copy the content of others. If everyone else is saddled up on their horse, all the more reason to use a cow. Originality is easy to spot!

5.      Cows…fly over the moon. Though, as the nursery rhyme goes, the little boy laughed to see such a sight, the other cows must have stood in awe. “How’d he do that?” they all wondered. In a world of grazing marketers, be the one that jumps over the moon. Take risks and stick your neck out. Why put out boring content that no one wants to read? Liven it up and get your business “moo-ving” in the right direction…upward.

There are herds of reasons to use a cow for your content marketing. Your cow can be a cartoon character, a superhero, a celebrity or even a horse, and in this case, a cow is simply a symbolism of being creative and thinking outside the fence. Hay, it works! The results are utterly fantastic.